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Stone Benchtops Pakenham, Bayswater - Stone Mason Melbourne




In most cases life time service guarantee can be hard. At Granite Kitchen Benchtop we can offer a life time service guarantee to our valued customers. We therefore take pride in ensuring that only the most suitable stone for the job is used. Our expert designers and accomplished stonemasons are available to advise and assist in selecting the correct stone for the purpose. We will work closely with you throughout, offering the correct stone type and colour to match the finishing of the room.



We complete your work in a most effective way and consider your budget accordingly to achieve high result with your satisfactory with no extra cost.


The following is a sample of template that shows our full services that we can offer:


We make sure that you job is done in a full satisfactory with our services. We can renovate your existing kitchen and bathrooms. Your don't have to change the whole lot. At Granite Kitchen Benchtop we manufacture and install to your Existing bench tops and there will be no extra or hidden cost at all.

 Definition and Nature of the Work

At Granite Kitchen Benchtop Top we build stone walls, floors, and the exteriors of private homes and other buildings. We also make stone piers, arches, sills, steps, and hearths.

Granite Kitchen Benchtop Top works with both natural and artificial stone. The natural stones we use are marble, granite, sandstone, and limestone. The artificial stones are made of cement and cement mixed with marble chips or other masonry materials. Stonemasons use tools such as hammers, chisels, trowels, mallets, wedges, pneumatic (compressed air) drills, and brushes. They generally work with helpers who carry the stones.

Granite Kitchen Benchtop Top sometimes works from plans that number each piece of stone. We spread a cementlike material called mortar between each row of stones with a flat, pointed tool called a trowel. When the stones are in the proper position, the stonemasons check their placement with a plumb line to make sure they are aligned. We then smooth the mortar between the stones. Sometimes, the masons work with derrick operators, who run hoists that lift and lower large stones into place.

The stone facing that we put on the surfaces of buildings is called veneer. It is generally two inches thick, and it is fastened on and supported by the building's steel frame.

Sometimes we must cut stone to exact size. They determine the grain of the stone for easy cutting and mark a line along it. We use a stonemason's hammer to strike the stone along this line and sometimes we use an abrasive saw.


Granite Kitchen Benchtop (GKB) work range services includes:

  •     Industrial
  •     Commercial
  •     Residential
  •     Renovations
  •     New construction
  •     Private homes
  •     Office buildings

We pride ourselves with excellence and exceptional customer services.

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